An Education in Prosthetics and Orthotics

A Prosthodist and Orthodontist, defined by The World Health Organization (WHO), is a licensed health care professional having general responsibility of prosthetics and orthotics treatment, who is able to supervise and guide the clinical practice of other health care professionals, such as physicians, podiatrists, and other certified medical staff. The word "prosthetic" refers to mechanical parts of the body that are restored or replaced by another. Orthodontists, orthopedists, and dentists are not considered to be prosthetic specialists, unless they are also working in a dental office. A prosthodontist is typically referred to as an oral health specialist. The word prosthetic came from the Greek words prostos meaning "of the hand," and logos meaning "writing on the bone."

This profession involves the application of appliances to restore the function of a limb that is missing or has become deformed due to disease or accident. These devices are called prosthetic limbs or prosthetic appliances. Some examples include fully adjustable bionic leg replacements, arthritic foot plates, braces for the jaw, crutches for the leg, hand clips for fingers, shoe inserts for toes, splints for bursitis of the muscles, hand holds for treating arthritis, orthotic braces for controlling toe and finger movement, artificial limbs for amputees, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to control pain, orthotics to help prevent stress fractures, and the most popular type of prosthesis, orthoses, which provide for the stability, traction, and balance of the patients' feet. The use of other devices like gaiters, custom-made shoes, and springs and struts are also commonly used.

This field has a significant amount of research and development work to do to improve prosthetics and orthotics to meet the needs of those who use them. It is one of the few health professions that are primarily research driven. Many professional associations are involved in the research and development of new and improved prostheses and orthotics. Prosthetics and orthotics research deals with many different aspects of health care. This includes evaluating the use and function of prosthetics and orthotics for special populations such as people with disabilities and aging, as well as special populations including children, women, and athletes.

There is an enormous need for prosthetics and orthotics in the health care industry. These devices allow people who have lost the ability to walk to get around and to perform daily tasks. They can help to improve the quality of life for these individuals and can help to relieve some of the stress that people experience as a result of living with a disability. Visit the top-rated prosthetics company in New Jersey and find out more details related to this topic.

There are many institutions that offer prosthetics and orthotics training. New York University provides a bachelor's in science degree in prosthetics as well as rehabilitation. The Longevity Institute at the University of California, Davis also offers a number of programs in prosthetics and orthotics. There are many more programs that offer various degrees in this field including a master's degree and PhD.

If you are interested in this field and would like to learn more about this exciting field of study, you can contact your local college or university and ask what type of training programs they have available. Many community colleges offer both associate's and bachelor's degrees in this area of study and there are some colleges that offer a number of certificates in a variety of areas that will give you a higher education in prosthetics and orthotics. Once you have completed your training program and you are fully prepared to enter the employment field that you want, you will be able to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the fields of prosthetics and orthotics.

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